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Our Infrastructure

Airy, spacious and well furnished class rooms, good top up library and well equipped laboratories
spread in almost 50,000 sq ft own area present in the heart of the city for educating the vast student community


Libraries are very important for the progress and development of a society. They are storehouse of knowledge. Libraries help develop reading habits. They mould the character. They help in personality development. Libraries are significant for a civil society. They contain books on various subjects. Books contain good thought. They ensure accessibility to vast ocean of knowledge to common person. There are people in every society who crave for reading but have no money to satisfy their urge. Library is a blessing for such people. It is not possible for everybody to purchase books on every subject. In the library, the same books pass through several hands by rotation. A man can read a large number of books at a very little cost or even no cost. It is a fit place for close and careful study. Here, there is no disturbance and everybody can read with rapt attention. Our college library is the place where one can take intellectual bath. Our college library consists of over 7,000 books, hundreds of periodicals, and various newspapers. Students spend their leisure quite fruitfully in the library. They know that books are their everlasting companions.


Our College A.C. Seminar Hall has witnessed many famous events and has a seating capacity of 400 students. Guest lectures, inspirational speeches by famous and successful people and motivational classes for the students take place here periodically. A seminar is either a form of academic instruction, at an academic institution or offered by a commercial or professional organization. It has the function of bringing together small groups for recurring meetings, focusing each time on some particular subject, in which everyone present is requested to participate. This is often accomplished through a seminar leader or instructor, or through a more formal presentation of research. It is essentially a place where assigned readings are discussed, questions can be raised and debates can be conducted. Thus our AC Seminar Hall can accommodate about 400 students at a stretch. It has witnessed hundreds of scholarly meetings, informative shows, magic shows, guest lectures by eminent persons from various fields, lectures by professionals and so on. It is a cool place for learning, grasping, understanding and assimilating.


Science educators have believed that the laboratory is an important means of instruction in science since late in the 19th century. Laboratory activities were used in high school chemistry in the 1880s. In 1886, Harvard University published a list of physics experiments that were to be included in high school physics classes for students who wished to enroll at Harvard. Laboratory instruction was considered essential because it provided training in observation, supplied detailed information, and aroused pupils' interest. These same reasons are still accepted almost 100 years later. Shulman and Tamir, in the Second Handbook of Research on Teaching (Travers, ed., 1973), listed five groups of objectives that may be achieved by using laboratory in science or language classes. We also firmly believe that education without practical approach is incomplete. Excellent labs with every needed equipment are provided for various scientific needs after class room imparting. OUR FULLY EQUIPPED LABS PREPARING FUTURE SCIENTISTS AND TECHNOCRATS

Computer Labs

Integrating information technology into teaching and learning process can be carried out through theme-centered and software centered approaches. Along with the explosion of information technology, teaching and learning computer science is further extended. Technology has struggled to find its way into the classroom in all sorts of ways, from projectors and televisions to computer labs and student laptops. Along with improving the way students are taught, it is also vitally important that students learn to use computers to improve their own work and prepare for careers in a world where computers have become as common as pencil, pen and paper. Education has derived benefit from the inclusion of technology and computers by making it easier for students to keep up while helping teachers by improving the way lessons can be planned and taught. Students who use computers learn to use word processors for work, and subsequently they learn computer jargon and strengthen grammatical skills. Students can also look up lessons on websites or through email rather than lugging heavy textbooks with them every day. Our spacious computer labs fulfill all the computer needs of our students. With more than a hundred computers, students learn freely and enormously in the stipulated periods and other leisure hours. Computers are locked from viewing and browsing unnecessary things and of course not all the computer are given internet facility.


Samhitha being in the heart and nerve centre of the town, it is very comfortable and affordable for the students to reach the institute situated at Tadithota Railway Bridge by buses from the four corners of the city and its suburbs. In addition, separate college buses are arranged for those students who can’t use RTC buses. It’s quite easy for every student to reach Samhitha, the seat of education. Fee particulars are available with the Administrative Officer

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